Re-Introducing O'Kane Marketing

Jun 25, 2021

We'd like to re-introduce ourselves.

We're Adam and Andrew O'Kane, and we are O'Kane Marketing.

Adam started O'Kane Marketing in late 2019, a social media agency for the hospitality world — and then, just as things were starting to click in early 2020, COVID-19 hit. And suddenly, the hospitality industry was a tough business to be in.

Fast-forward a couple months. As a side-business, Andrew had been providing renders to clients in the real estate world. For builders, developers, and real estate agents who wanted to give their buyers a sense of what a property will look like, these images are crucial. And clients loved the quality.

After some discussion, we thought: Why not join forces, and re-orient O'Kane Marketing as a marketing agency for the real estate world? Renders would be a natural service, yes, but so would social media, website development, and branding, too.

So, after some consideration, we both jumped in. And today, we're here, with new colors, a new website, and a new mission.

If you're in the real estate world, we want to help you move more properties.

If you need help with renders, social media, a website, or branding, we'd love to talk.

You can check out our Instagram profile (it's a little different!) or shoot us an email at

Thanks for reading!

Adam O'Kane

Andrew O'Kane

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move more properties.

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